Home Owners Insurance

The most important aspect of homeowners insurance is making sure you have it insured properly. Your home should be insured for 100 percent of its replacement value, which means you are able to rebuild your home completely if you experience a total loss.

Many factors influence the replacement value of your home. We will talk with you and make sure your home is insured for replacement value. The insurance companies we represent have a built-in inflation guard to keep your home’s replacement value in step with inflation.

Factors that influence your home’s replacement value:

  • Type of construction
  • Square footage
  • Construction quality (quality of carpet, cabinets, vinyl, tile, etc.) For example, hardwood floors vs. carpet and pine vs. oak cabinets.
  • Exterior finish
  • Age
  • Location

For a small fee you can hire Burstad Insurance to videotape your property. You will receive the tape for safe keeping.

Multi-Policy discounts available: You may qualify for a 15 to 20 percent discount off your insurance premiums if you purchase an auto and homeowners policy together.